Monday, May 20, 2013

Transfers and Kerala Congress Justice

The Chairman of the Taluk Land Board, Kozhencherry, A Abdul Samad, who ordered the takeover of surplus land that was held by Abraham Kalamannil, a Kerala Congress leader who had the audacity to capture a large area of wetlands, fill it and a river, forge documents to capture land of the poor and dalits, in Aranmula, has been transferred. To Wynad as reports tell, another upright officer grilled as inside reports say. The message that comes is not very healthy. This comes just after another no nonsense officer was transferred, this too was for similar backgrounds. V N Jithendran, former District Collector, Pathanamthitta who too was asked to leave. This after he took decisions as per law, not bending to the whims of Kerala Congress. This is just another, the latest, and known, case within the state beurocracy. When this man Abraham Kalamannil filled a river pulling down a hill the local people had complained and this eco-criminal, leader of the Christian communal Party Kerala Congress (Joseph) of the then ruling LDF, had persecuted the complainants coming to the local police station and taking over charge there. This has to be viewed in the larger frame of the state, where the government itself is prone to Communal bias. That despite a large number of laws being violated this man is not yet punished is a pointer to the law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens, that from all communities, are genuinely alarmed and all arms of law are being manipulated as can be seen. Own people planted by Communal lobbies at key positions do the bidding, where democratic values are all dumped.  

Those officers entrusted with law enforcement if treated as such the message that goes through is very clear, that the rule of law is subject to the whims and fancies of a communal party and its unethical leaders. Where the state machinery is rendered redundant and that is when, as history in India and abroad tells, people take law in to their hands. Such low level violence exploding is known recently in Gujarat and it may happen in Kerala. Pathanamthitta is just getting ripe for the spill over. Those aware of the implications are trying to avoid a break down which can be fatal to the social fabric of the district where social unrest is simmering. Given a spark it may get ignited anytime. As a philosopher said it is always the fools who trigger social violence, and end up the victims ultimately. For Kerala Congress in Pathanamthitta, once a crowd of marginal people and now arrogating to be the state itself, thanks to the support of Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, and the Christian – Muslim communal coalition that runs the state, the messages are not all positive. Kerala perhaps is heading for its worst phase in history is all that can be said. That Kerala land is almost taken over by mafias, tribal belts and forests being the worst sufferers is no secret. People across the state are waiting with anguish. In Aranmula they used the gimmick of an airport to legitimize a serious land grab case, when that was thwarted by local people, this cannot be seen in isolation. And unfortunately the church and the political parties they promoted are party to all the land grabbing crimes. Conscientious people of the state are indeed worried.                  

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