Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aranmula Perhaps Has Bigger Roles to Play

It was a history of laws and protocols being violated at Aranmula all along. Far too many to count. To cite one when the Assembly Committee, with representatives of the elected members of Kerala legislature,  led by C.P. Mohammed, a Member of the Legislature and a representative of the ruling Congress Party gave a decision that a proposed airport project at Aranmula, by an obscure private company at a heritage village, in a wetland, be summarily dropped people of Kerala thought that the democratic system will be honored. It was not. And then one after the other the various statutes, various agencies of government were flouted, these continue to be. These are mostly laws and systems from the British colonial era and have outlived their purpose may be true as pointed out by many, where a new dawn is required. Failed systems create all the mess, insensitivity to environment is just one of the ills that plague the country, there are far too many others like rampant corruption, a perennial news in India.    

And as a statewide campaign is under way to protect Kerala's native survival systems, the environment, based at Aranmula and across the state, the patriots shall be called in to protect the Mother Nature. Decolonize India and evolve healthier alternatives. That the country protects its basics, the symbiotic culture and values, what makes human life possible. This was ravaged during the days of British colonization. an alien people exploiting India. Unfortunately later these values got implanted and some sections took it as a tool of further exploitation. What continues. Aranmula is a pocket with native values and healthy ecosystem ad any attempt to colonize the place, even if in the name of an airport project, shall be resisted and it is a resolve of the people. It may also trigger a major movement, such small issues triggered movements like quit India in history is well known.  It will help cleanse the system, evolve healthier alternatives, not just at Aranmula but Kerala as a whole. Perhaps India too, by joining with the forces of redemption. And that as every sensible citizen of India knows is long over due.

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