Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aranmula Heritage Village Action Council demands Probe....

A reliable, scientific and detailed probe into the discrepancies behind the proposed Aranmula airport has been demanded by the Aranmula Paithruka Grama Karmasamithy. In a press statement, Kummanam Rajasekharan, Chief  Patron of the Karmasamithy says " It's utterly shameful for the President of the Democratic Republic of India to include an illegal airport project in his address to the Parliament." In what circumstances did  he make such a proclamation without going through any documents. What has led him to surpass the pivotal regulations and precedence.
         Valiyathodu, a major tributary of the holy river Pampa was mercilessly filled in the initial stages of the project and the then RDO, Adoor had taken action against it. The Govt. that ignored the RDO's imposition of a fine of 18 lakhs rupees and gave away the entire water stream as share to the company has wronged the people. "Who is dear to the Govt., the corporate who sweeten the pot or the people who cast their vote?", he asks.
         National agencies like CBI, Central Intelligence Bureau, Enforcement Directorate and Central Vigilance Commission should dig out the truths behind this perverted project as there were national -level corruption, fraudulent transactions and political- bureaucratic interventios. It took 14 years for Kannur Airport [CIAL] to collect NOC's but in this case, Govt. agencies vie each other to allow certificates for an   airport that dries up wetlands, fills paddy fields and obstructs water streams. As a result the company had to invest only one year to collect them. The Ministry of Defense refused NOC for the project citing it would be a threat to the national security, but astonishingly the MoD changed its stand and endorsed the NOC after 20 days. It should be examined by the Parliamentary committee of the concerned ministry and the Central Vigilance Commission.
       Certificates by the Pollution Control Board and controversial Envirocare were allowed surpassing public referendum as well as trustworthy environmental impact assessment. Karmasamithy demands a thorough examination of all those certificates and severe action against those who hijacked the bureaucratic system. 
      Advocate General [appeared for the State Govt.] and KGS representatives informed the Green Tribunal that the Company has burnt around 400 crore rupees so far. We [the people], deserve to be informed of the financial sources and through what streams such a huge sum of money has flowed. Karmasamithy further urges the Govt. to declare economical aid plans which would be a consolation for the farmers in Aranmula who are vexed of financial drought. The district authorities should also come forward with effective measures to conserve water, agriculture and nature. "The Pampa must be preserved and protected", Kummanam says. 

Source: a press statement by Kummanam Rajasekharan, Chief Patron of  Aranmula Heritage Village Action Council


  1. wat ever KGS we people decide about our village wat we want r wat we dont want. even president also he cant do nythng we people comes together.. so dont care about these type of external strngths

    1. Strong youths can change the entire world, then would KGS be a hurdle?

    2. Of course not a hurdle. My complete support to protect our environment, heritage and culture.

  2. any possibility to return back the puncha to previous owners from kgs groups.please reply